haresh-lalvaniUnique Talents of KGPians: Haresh Lalvani ('67) has two art pieces on display at Pratt Manhattan Gallery

Information shared by Arjun Malhotra ('70) (March 2022) and The Pratt Institute (February 2022)

We are pleased to announce that two floor pieces by Haresh Lalvani are on display at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery thru April 27, 2022.

These works are part of the exhibit 'From Forces to Form' curated by Ellen Levy in a tribute to the biologist D'Arcy Thompson's pioneering work 'On Growth and Form' (1917) which has  been influential across the design arts and many other fields.

From the Gallery's website:

The works on view explore the nature of form, universal principles of form development, how physical laws shape both living and nonliving forms, and the constant change and uncertainty of life today through a variety of media including painting, sculpture, photography, digital media, and interactive games.

From Levy's description on Lalvani:

Two of five works from the GR FLORA series exemplify Lalvani’s experimental approach of activating physical emergence (e.g., self-folding and self-stiffening) within matter, which begins by perforating sheets of metal with a shape code. He then applies forces (unspecified because proprietary) to create elegant seamless topological surfaces from a single sheet of metal.

Pratt Manhattan Gallery is located at 144 West 14th Street in Manhattan. It is open to the public M-F, 11-5pm. For a visit, see gallery's website for visiting protocols:


We hope you will have a chance to see this exhibit. Below are photos of the pieces. (Lalvani Studio website)