metnmat-researchBootstrapped startup by IIT Kharagpur alumni works to enable 'make in India'

YourStory (May 14, 2019)

The clanging of metal and sparks emanating from boiling-hot slag are common at fabricator shops in Jalan Complex, in the industrial centre of Howrah, Kolkata. The sweltering location also houses a small R&D lab outfitted with testing instruments, spectrometers, oxygen analysers, muffle furnaces, and ball mills. This isn't exactly where you would expect to find IIT alumni at work. But Anisha Banka, Mukesh Kumar, Arpit Dwivedi, and Tanumoy Bar, students from the 2017 and 2018 batch of IIT-Kharagpur, chose to start up here.

Their idea was simple: to go after SMBs and heavy industries that spend less than two percent of their revenues on R&D, and are not able to get the talent and help they need. (Read More) (Metnmat Research website)