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IIT Kharagpur Foundation (USA) NEWSLETTER                                 Volume: 12.17.2022


"IIT Gupshup Pavillion" — A. C. Pandya Students’ Activity Centre


Time is unstoppable, irreversible, and non-renewable. Moment gone, hour passed, day gone forever from your life, my life and life of this earth, never to come back. Please do not waste time. Use it for your physical, mental, intellectual, cultural, social, and spiritual development, and for self-development.

The A. C. Pandya Students' Activity Centre ("IIT Gupshup Pavillion") located in the Department of Agricultural & Food Engineering was inaugurated by Dr. Vin Gupta (1967 Batch) on December 1st, 2022. 

This architecturally unique center with an abundance of natural light and fresh air will serve as a place for students to collaborate and relax while enjoying a cup of tea. 

The centre is named in the memory of Professor A. C. Pandya who was the first head of department of the Agricultural & Food Engineering department. He was widely acclaimed for creating innovative and inspiring learning environments and for his sustained commitments towards academic excellence. He has left an indelible legacy and impact on the future generations of students and faculty. 

The hope is that all departments at IIT Kharagpur will be able to have their very own student center for their students to meet, chat, collaborate for group projects, and make new friends.

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Gupshup, sipping Chai, snacking on Samosa, and patting each other’s back while hoping for the Eureka moment .  .  . Make it happen for student Kgpians.

Vin, who pioneered and led the A. C. Pandya Students' Activity Centre said, “It is about the social interactions, the friendships you make  .  .  . the people you meet and learn about them that is the real IIT education. Between the classes when they have time, they have nowhere to go, they would be sitting under trees or somewhere else. That’s when I said if we have a student activity centre here, where the students can come in between different class, bond with each other, form relationships that will be great. I hope we can fulfill that purpose here. Other alumni can do similar things in their departments.”


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DONATE Now and Lead a Fundraiser to help build a student activity centre for a productive and informal after-class experience in your department. 

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