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Nehru Ka Tempo!  Sent on May. 25th, 2021 to Nehru Ka Tempo 3!
To India with Love--Mission Bengal  Sent on May. 6th, 2021 to All
Help us find other Nehru Batch Dadas!  Sent on Apr. 30th, 2021 to Erin
Share and View 7  Sent on Mar. 8th, 2021 to
Season's Greetings from IIT Kharagpur  Sent on Dec. 26th, 2018 to Erin
IIT Kharagpur, Norwegian Varsity Ink MoU   Sent on Oct. 19th, 2018 to All
USA Alumni Clocktower--A Gift for a Lifetime!  Sent on Jul. 25th, 2018 to All
IITKGP Ranked #1 University in India  Sent on Jun. 29th, 2018 to All
USA Alumni Clocktower--A Gift for a Lifetime!   Sent on Jun. 18th, 2018 to All
IIT KGP finds lost footprint of Ganga  Sent on May. 25th, 2018 to All
Ambulance given to IIT-Kgp by their alumni!  Sent on Apr. 27th, 2018 to All
IIT KGP ranked in top list in 5 categories   Sent on Apr. 6th, 2018 to All
3 Students get Learn-Earn-Return Fellowship  Sent on Jan. 22nd, 2018 to All
Your donation to KGP can help save lives!  Sent on Jan. 5th, 2018 to All
Help Donate towards an ambulance for IIT-KGP!   Sent on Nov. 16th, 2017 to All
Donate for a new ambulance for IIT KGP!   Sent on Nov. 10th, 2017 to All
Does IITKGP need more branding?   Sent on Aug. 23rd, 2017 to All
IIT KGP Delegation Visits USA--Great Success!  Sent on Jul. 20th, 2017 to All
IITKGP Delegation US Visit  Sent on Jun. 26th, 2017 to All
1959 IIT Graduate Honored by the Foundation  Sent on Jun. 14th, 2017 to All
The Love of Giving  Sent on Jun. 7th, 2017 to All
IIT-KGP Students Visit MIT  Sent on May. 22nd, 2017 to All
IIT Kharagpur Law School Rated Tops in India   Sent on Apr. 24th, 2017 to All
The IITKGP Foundation needs your help!  Sent on Apr. 17th, 2017 to All
IITKGP plays host to GWU Law School Students  Sent on Apr. 2nd, 2017 to All
IITKGP Sets Benchmark   Sent on Mar. 18th, 2017 to All
The IITKGP Foundation welcomes you...  Sent on Mar. 3rd, 2017 to All