IIT-KGP to train driving instructors to create safer roads

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IIT-KGP is partnering with the Government of West Bengal for their "Safe Drive Save Life" campaign that trains driving school instructors and owners about road safety. The knowledge that they gain through these workshops will allow them to disseminate information to all of the drivers that they will be training--making the roads of India safer.

Prof. Bhargab Maitra, Professor with the Department of Civil Engineering and Head of the Ranbir and Chitra Gupta School of Infrastructure Design and Management leads this initiative. "One of the most definitive impacts on the instructors was created by the clippings that we showed them of accidents caused by non-conformity with rules or principles taught. While they may have been aware of these rules, many of them actually saw, for the first time, what could happen if these rules were ignored", Maitra said.

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Why is IIT Kharagpur training driving instructors from Kolkata and around?

For Tinku Biswas, the idea of attending a three-day training workshop in an IIT was like a dream. No, Tinku is not an engineer, though she is a sort of trailblazer in her own way, being a rare woman owner and manager of a motor training school...

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