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IIT Kharagpur Foundation (USA) NEWSLETTER

Volume: 09.09.2023

These images reflect initial designs for a “KGP Stories" website.

Dear Fellow IIT KGPians: 

Each of us has unique stories to tell of our lives at IIT KGP and beyond.  I am sure you would like to connect with your classmates and learn about their journeys through and beyond IIT KGP.  A group of IIT KGP alumni has been working with the IIT KGP Foundation to enable us to share our stories and connect with each other through a website extension of the IIT KGP Foundation being designed for this purpose.  We need your participation and support in this worthy endeavor.  

We have worked collecting fascinating stories from IITians who were at Kharagpur covering the first quarter century since its inception in 1951. We learned a lot we did not know. We found photographs we had not imagined existed.  These stories will soon be published in two books. As we worked on assembling these books, it became clear to us there were many fascinating stories and photographs even from just the first fifteen years of IIT KGP that published books were not capable of presenting. Furthermore, we have a need to share stories not just from the first fifteen years but from all the following years. We concluded we needed a specially designed website for this purpose. 

Working with IITKGP Foundation (USA), we are developing a website tailored to the collection and presentation of our stories and photographs. The website will make it possible for IITKGPians to reconnect with each other and make new friends from other graduating years, departments, and halls of residence. We have discussed the implementation of this website with the IITKGP Foundation and the company that implemented the IITKGP Foundation website. We are ready to embark on this project. We need to put together a fund of US$ 40,000.00 to successfully implement this extension to the IIT KGP Foundation website. 

We gratefully request your donation of up to a $1,000 to the IIT KGP Foundation towards supporting this project. The reason for the upper limit is that we would like a wide participation in the creation of the website. We are confident we will receive the needed support. All of us IIT KGPians who are volunteers engaged in creating the website are supporting it financially to the full amount of allowable donation. If you have any questions or wish to discuss the project, please contact Dr. Parvati Dev (1968/ECE/SN) directly at parvati@parvatidev.org

Dr. Suhas Patil (1962/ECE/RK)

NB: When you donate funds please be sure to choose “Make a Gift to IITKGP Foundation” and in the notes please specify that the donation is designated to the “Web Stories Initiative”

IITKGP’S Rajiv Gandhi School of IP Law (RPOSL) News

IIT-Kharagpur signed a MoU with the National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, one of the premier Law Schools of the country on August 28, 2023. The MOU aims to foster academic exchanges, collaborative research and joint programs in the fields of science, technology and law.

Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, IIT Kharagpur successfully hosted the 5th National Colloquium on Legal Research on the 19th and 20th of August 2023. The colloquium is one of the flagship events of the Law School.  The colloquium hosted seven distinct parallel sessions, each dedicated to a unique thematic area encompassing subjects such as Constitutional Law, Environmental Law, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Corporate Law. Scholars from across India shared their research proposals, intricate legal examinations, and innovative solutions within these specialized domains.

The Vifor case involving a Patent Dispute before Delhi High Court had RGSOIPL  Alums appearing for both sides. Mr. Rohin Koolwal (Managing Associate, Anand, and Anand) and Mr. J. Sai Deepak, Counsel, Supreme Court of India appeared for the plaintiff and respondent respectively. The dispute involved major pharmaceutical companies and the plaintiff sought interim injunction restraining the Defendants from threatening and hampering the business of plaintiffs, in any manner whatsoever or by taking any coercive action, whether regulatory or legal, in respect of the suit patent.

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