IIT-KGP Interns Visit Infofree.com, a cloud based SaaS start-up

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Three IITKGP interns have come to Omaha to spend 6 weeks at Infofree.com.

Infofree.com is a cloud-based, SaaS company providing hot sales leads and e-mail lists to millions of sales people and small business owners. This hot start-up was founded by our own legendary IITKGP alumni, Vinod Gupta. These three interns will spend 6 weeks in different parts of Infofree.com. Their picture and bio is also shown in this newsletter. If your employer or your company can use interns please let us know, we can help you with all the bureaucracy of getting these interns. These interns are smart, hard-working, and you will be helping the quality of IIT Kharagpur. You will also be helping the ranking of IIT Kharagpur by hiring these interns. The cost is very low and it is well worth it!

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Did you know that tax payers of India spent approximately $5,000 per year for your education? Wouldn't you want to pay back the tax payers of India for your success?               

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IIT-KGP Interns Visit Infofree.com

Three current IIT Kharagpur students participate in a once in a lifetime internship.

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Did you know that the tax payers of India spent approximately $5,000 per year towards your education? Wouldn't you want to pay back the tax payers of India for your success?


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