Record number of patents filed and granted in IIT Kharagpur


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Volume: 3.16.2024

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Innovation @ IITKGP: Record number of patents filed and granted in IIT Kharagpur


IIT Kharagpur on Friday (March 15th) announced that it had achieved a record number of patents in 2023, with 106 filed and 71 granted. These patents span various fields including aerospace, agricultural and food processing, chemical, electrical, civil, computer science, AI and IoT, cryogenics, robotics, rubber technology, 6G and beyond telecommunication, energy science, industrial and systems, metallurgical and materials, mining, nanoscience and technology, and medical science and technology, a statement by the institute said.

The Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy Cell of the institute recorded a significant increase in patent filings in 2023 compared to the previous year, with a 2.5-fold enhancement. Additionally, there was a four-fold increase in the number of granted patents as part of the special initiative '100 patents in 100 days' by the cell, it added. Director of IIT Kharagpur, V K Tewari, highlighted the positive impact of the '100 days 100 patents' drive on the patent prosecution process. He also mentioned the institute's initiative for international patent filings.

The Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy (SRIC) Cell of IIT Kharagpur looks after all the sponsored research activities of IIT Kharagpur starting from project submission, project management including accounting, recruitment of research personnel, interactions with the funding agency, protection of IPR, and technology transfer. Additionally, SRIC plays a vital role in the initiation of new research initiatives of the Institute and implementation of various national initiatives. This unit is also actively engaged in protecting the Intellectual Property developed through innovative research by the faculty, researchers and students from 19 Departments, 11 Centers, 10 Schools, 10 Centre of Excellences (CoEs) and 2 Academics established at the Institute. A detailed snapshot of all SRIC projects is available here

Sources: Press Trust of India and SRIC website

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