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Dear Fellow KGP-ians,
The IIT KGP Foundation is pleased to inform you that the Dean Siddhartha Mukhopadhyay ( Alumni Associations & International Relations) , Dean Tiparthy (Dean Faculty) and Associate Dean AA &IR  of IIT Kharagpur shall be visiting the US between June 29th and July 8th. The purpose of their visit is to introduce Associate Dean Baidurya Bhattacharya, an additional head count to the Office of Alumni Affairs aimed at strengthening Alumni engagement; attend the annual IIT KGP Foundation Strategy Meeting; meet with as many alumni as possible and share the accomplishments and plans underway at IIT KGP to become the world leading education institute; recruit alumni interested in faculty positions both full time and part time; and further IIT KGP / US University collaborations. The Director, Prof. Partha P Chakrabarti will also attempt to join via Skype during these meetings. Those interesting in teaching at KGP (Full-time, part-time or visiting), should have received invitations from the KGP Office of Alumni affairs and Dean, Faculty's offices.
Here is a schedule and the contact person co-ordinating their visit in different cities. 
June 29th -July 2nd : San Francisco Bay Area ; Contact Roy daSilva (roydasilvaiit@yahoo.com
July   3rd - July 4th : Houston: Contact Partha Chatterjee (parthausa@gmail.com)
July   5th - Washington DC: Contact Ron Gupta (rongupta@aol.com
July   6th - New York City: Contact Ron Gupta (rongupta@aol.com) 
July   7th - Purdue, IN: Contact Saurabh Bagchi (sbagchi@purdue.edu)
July   8th - Madison, WI: Contact Piyush Behari Lal (piyush.behari@gmail.com)
I trust you will make the time to welcome the deans and participate in activities scheduled in your area . 
Please get in touch with your contact person, or Erin Moran, Executive Director IIT KGP Foundation(erinlorramoran@gmail.com ) 
Ranbir (Ron) Gupta , IITKGP 1970 Arch NH
Vice President IIT KGP Foundation.

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