Photos from Illumination and Rangoli Events at IITKGP!

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We focus on all of the hard work that goes into the Illumination and Rangoli events for Diwali this week. You will find photos taken of the recent event and also a story that was run in the "Times of India" about the process.

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Illumination and Rangoli 2017 at IIT Kharagpur

Photos from the recent Illumination and Rangoli events at IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kgp partners with corporate houses, NGOs to shape CSR steps

In a mission to help people reap the benefits of several of its research outcomes, IIT Kharagpur is gearing up to partner with corporation houses and NGOs to shape their CSR initiatives with its end products and in the process help millions to lead better.

Illumination Ceremony keeps students busy at IIT-Kharagpur

Once again, it was time for sleepless nights and secret meetings at IIT-Kharagpur, time for one hostel resident to stop talking to another. And all this because a unique competition, which has been going on for ages on the campus, to bring Diwali to life.

Short Term Course on "Corporate Governance towards Corporate Social Responsibility" IIT Kharagpur

About the Course--Traditionally, corporate governance (CG) denotes the rules of business decision-making and directs the internal mechanism of companies for following those rules.

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