Special Edition: The Golden 2020 Reunion for the Batch of 1970






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Special Edition: The Golden 2020 Reunion for the Batch of 1970

The Golden 2020 Reunion for the Batch of 1970 was held January 24-26, 2020 at IIT-Kharagpur. This weekend also ushered in the inauguration of the 1970 ADDA Project and the dedication of the batch's classroom in the Nalanda Complex.

To add to the joy of the weekend, the Alumni Clock Tower was inaugurated and Spring Fest was on campus! Please note: We will be focusing on the Alumni Clock Tower inauguration in our next newsletter.

Prior to the main event, get-togethers were held in Hyderabad, Delhi, and Kolkata. Below you will find photos and stories related to these events.

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The Batch of 1970 celebrates Golden Reunion across India

The Batch of 1970 (AKA, "The Incredibles"), celebrated their 50th Golden Reunion in grand fashion, holding gatherings across India. To add to the excitement, Spring Fest was also being held on campus!




The Batch of 1970 inaugurates ADDA

During the Golden 2020 Reunion for the Batch of 1970, the 'ADDA', one of the batch's gifts to IIT-Kharagpur was inaugurated.

ADDA Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Batch of 1970 Classroom Endowment


Spring Fest



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