sonia-sahni-ethikoSonia Sahni (MBM, '06) gives up investment banking to launch a night skincare brand

YourStory (May 4, 2020)

This IIT-Kharagpur alum gave up investment banking to launch a night skincare brand

Investment banker Sonia Sahni ('06) launched Mumbai-based organic night skincare brand Ethiko, which offers serums for different skin types. She aims to expand the product to include all products needed for the nightly skincare routine.

Sonia Sahni ('06) was studying in Spain when she developed a skin problem. The doctors prescribed topical steroids. But tired of that, she began to study organic skin care formulation and started making her own serums in 2017.

She formulated the serums herself and started using them. The difference in her skin was so evident that her family and friends started asking about the products she was using. They started ordering and that is how the business started.

She knew that people in Spain had liked the products and thought it was the right time to launch them in the Indian market, especially as Indian consumers were now becoming more conscious about their skin. (Read More)