pooja-raiKGPian, Pooja Rai ('15), builds playgrounds for underprivileged children in India

Makers India (June 21, 2020)

No to Cushy Jobs, This IIT-ian Builds Playgrounds For Underprivileged Children in India

For the average Indian, getting admission at an IIT is a direct path to a glamorous corporate job or higher academic pursuits. But for Pooja Rai (29), it was the path to launching a non-profit organisation which builds playgrounds for underprivileged children.

In a chat with MAKERS India, Pooja revealed why she named her NGO Anthill Creations. "On a day-to-day design perspective, an anthill's structure is small. The ants are making a structure which is much bigger and stronger than themselves. On similar lines, we wanted to build an organization and create an empire which is much bigger than ourselves."

Brought up in Lucknow, Pooja studied Architecture at IIT-Kharagpur (2010-2015). Initially, Pooja had hoped to end up with a respectable job or pursuing research after graduation. But the five years at IIT let her explore the world better, and gave her the confidence to chase different opportunities. (Read More) (Learn more about Anthill Creations)