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IITKGP Foundation (November 2020)

Below is information about the "IITKGP Directors Fund for Campus and Vicinity Staff due to COVID-19" campaign. Information was provided to the Foundation directly from IIT-Kharagpur. We will continue to update this page as we receive more information.


What is the IITKGP Alumni COVID-19 Fund?

During these troubled times of Global COVID-19 pandemic, IIT Foundation USA has come forward to support the secondary staff like mess workers, ward boys, dhobis, gardeners, rickshaw pullers, vegetable sellers, construction workers et al at IIT Kharagpur. 'IITKGP Alumni COVID-19 Fund' was created to help the aforementioned beneficiaries for a duration of 6 months. A high level internal committee was placed by the Director to take charge of the fund towards: 1) To help needy mess workers, housemaids, rickshaw-pullers, washer men, laborers at various shops/eateries/construction projects/other establishments on the campus who are unable to work due to the present COVID lockdown, old age, illness or otherwise. 2) To provide essential safety kits to needy people in villages around IIT Kharagpur campus in a radius of at least 1 km. Click here to see the members of the committee. A budget of INR 7.75 Crore was prepared to help around 10438 beneficiaries. A cost estimate breakdown was prepared. View it here.


How are the donated funds being distributed and how many workers are being helped?

The first installment of Rs 2.5 crore has already reached the institute which allowed the first phase of the initiative to begin. An amount of Rs 3,000 has been deposited in the bank accounts of 1,200 casual outsourced employees like mess and sanitation workers. More than 10,000 others, connected with the "IIT-ecosystem", are being given monthly rations. The money will keep coming into their accounts every alternate month until December, while the ration will take place monthly. The rations distributed include food items such as rice, sugar, salt, dal, etc. and hygiene items like soap and washing soap. In addition, each individual/family are provided with masks.  The second phase was recently kicked off and we will make sure to share the numbers when we receive them. Make sure to read The Times of India story, "IIT alumni help for casual workers, 'safai dadas'" here. Also, if you are not already registered with our website, please do so to receive more information on the happenings at IIT-Kharagpur. Sign up by clicking here.


Make sure to check out the below videos from the distribution of rations:





The "IITKGP Directors Fund for Campus and Vicinity Staff due to COVID-19" has been a huge success so far; however, the affected staff still need your help!