child-memories-to-being-an-iitianAsish Kumar Mukhopadhyay ('76/'78) pens three books, including 'Child Memories To Becoming An IITian'

Information provided by Asish Kumar Mukhopadhyay (June 2020)

Asish Kumar Mukhopadhyay has penned down some of his childhood and professional memories into three books, an autobiographical trilogy titled 'Child Memories To Becoming An IITian', 'The Dignity of Labor', and 'Virus Prevention Key Through Food, Nutrition and Livelihood'. All three are available at Amazon. Click here to be taken to more information.


Here is a short synopsis of 'Child Memories To Becoming An IITian' from the back of the book:

The author wishes to dedicate his real-life adventure to the cause of the children. 'Child Memories To Becoming An IITian' is an autobiography of an IIT Alumnus. In his early childhood days at the primary school level, destiny had him distanced from parents to a remote boarding house in rural surroundings where he had an accidental injury with a cricket bat. He was hospitalized with many stitches in his face.

On recovery, he was brought back at his home. He was not sent to the boarding house again and was admitted to a school near his home where he grew up. The child excelled as a meritorious student and in due time, exposed to the esteemed institution. In the next five years' time, he saw himself with the Bachelor of Technology Degree with Honors in 1976 and then followed it up with the Master of Technology Degree in 1978 from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.