lallit-anandLallit Anand ('70) has new book Continuum Mechanics of Solids published

Information shared by Arjun Malhotra ('70)

Lallit Anand ('70) recently had his new book Continuum Mechanics of Solids published by the Oxford University Press. The book is an introductory text for graduate students in the many branches of engineering, covering the basics of kinematics, equilibrium, and material response. The book presents enough material to allow for a two-semester course; however, can be used for a one-semester offering if specific topics of interest are selected. The book also has a companion text that displays over 180 fully worked problems. (Link to more information)

In 2017, Lallit was awarded the "Den Hartog Distinguished Educator Award". This the highest award conferred for excellence in teaching Mechanical Engineering at MIT. He is also the Warren and Towneley Rohsenow Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT.

Lallit was also awarded the 2018 William Prager Medal by the Society of Engineering Science (SES). This award is one of the most prestigious awards given to researchers in solid mechanics for outstanding research contributions in either theoretical and experimental Solid Mechanics or both. According to the SES, he received the Medal for his "outstanding research contributions to large deformation plasticity theory that are becoming part of the core knowledge of the field and are having a significant impact on its development."