main-buildingIIT Kharagpur and NB Institute of Rural Technology (NBIRT) to install micro solar domes in 10 states

The Statesman (August 28, 2020)

NBIRT-IIT Kharagpur to install micro solar domes in 10 states

The two mentioned institutes are installing 50,000 micro solar domes in rural areas in West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Assam, Odisha, Tripura, Manipur, Rajasthan and Bihar. It is a unique device innovated and developed by Prof. (Dr.) S.P. GonChaudhuri which uses a combination of passive and active energy.

NB Institute of Rural Technology (NBIRT), in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur, has undertaken a programme of Indian government to provide micro solar domes (MSD) to 50,000 tribal huts of 10 states including West Bengal.

In West Bengal, 3,000 such tribal families already received it, said Dr SP Gon Chaudhuri, director NBIRT. A survey conducted by Ministry of Science and Technology, revealed there are 50,000 tribal villages in 10 states which are located in dense forests and in fringe areas where there isn’t enough sunlight during the day. Villages which are located in tidal areas with erratic power supply or absence of direct connection to main power grid, depend on kerosene oil lamps light up their huts. (Read More)