subhrashis-adhikariAuthor Subhrashis Adhikari ('05) puts forth five pertinent questions in his latest read

The New Indian Express-Indulge (September 15, 2020)

A geologist by profession and inquisitive by default, Subhrashis Adhikari launched his second book 5 Questions of the Inquisitive Apes, that throws five pertinent questions on human civilisation. Adhikari who holds double masters from IIT-Kharagpur and IIT-Bombay is currently working in a multinational company loves reading, blogging, science and philosophy. He firmly believes that geology is the bigger brother of history and challenges conventional thinking with the latest read.


This is your second book. What inspired you to write 5 Questions of the Inquisitive Ape?

I guess there is more than one thing that inspired me to write 5 Questions of the Inquisitive Apes. If I have to boil down to one, it would be my core strength - Geology. Being a geologist is about asking questions; it is about reconstructing the past and in doing that you fall in love with the bygone era. History asks the question of how human civilisation evolved into the modern world. Geology is like the bigger brother of history. (Read More)