classroomEngineering in India is 'Changing', will need new skills

Times of India (October 1, 2020)

To make Engineer's Day, TOI talks to leading professors on the big changes happening in the engineering field

There's much to be said for India's engineeering talent. It's the reason why many Indian Americans are leaders in global technology companies. It's the reason why the world's biggest companies are establishing ever larger engineering and R&D centres in India. In the early decades, engineering students opted for mechanical, electrical and civil. Since the 1990s, the preferred choices have been computer science and electronics. Newer subjects like nanotechnology and bioengineering are also slowly gaining ground.

While questions remain on the employability of the majority of engineers, the future is bright, say professors in India's leading engineering institutions. One particularly positive change in the last few years has been the steady increase in the number of students from IITs who look to work in the country. (Read More)