chronicle-poster-3IIT Kharagpur Researchers Develop Industry-grade Silica from Rice Biomass

The KGP Chronicle (October 12, 2020)

Rice husk is one of the most widely available agricultural wastes. The process of disposal of rice husks looks more crucial as burning the material each year during the winters has been creating a severe environmental challenge. While the husk is often used to meet energy requirements for rice milling, this process produces an enormous amount of ash (approx. 20%) which is a hazardous material to the environment. Researchers at IIT Kharagpur have devised an economic and eco-friendly way to dispose of this biowaste.

A team of researchers from IIT Kharagpur’s Dept. of Agricultural and Food Engineering have developed a chemical treatment which can separate the silica content in the husk ash residue which is about 90 – 95% and neutralize the remaining biomass for disposal in water bodies. (Read More)