pranit-kulkarniIITKGP Foundation US awards scholarship to Pranit Kulkarni ('20) for law studies at Cambridge

IITKGP Foundation US (October 15, 2020)

Pranit Kulkarni ('20) graduated from IIT-Kharagpur's RGSOIPL (Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law) with an LL.B (Honors) in Intellectual Property Law. He will begin his LLM studies at Cambridge in mid-October. Additionally, he will be working with the Foundation on a few projects for the scholarship the Foundation has awarded for his studies.

He shared this photo with us after he matriculated into the University of Cambridge and Wolfson College Cambridge. Pranit said, "The matriculation ceremony is a longstanding tradition at Cambridge and Oxford to formally make their students life members of the universities and their constituent colleges." Best of luck to Pranit in his upcoming studies!

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