digital-transformation-of-companies--post-covid-eraPanIIT USA's recent webinar featured three KGPians

Information provided by IITKGP Foundation US and PanIIT USA (October 17, 2020)

PanIIT USA in association with IIT SoCal recently held a webinar, 'Digital Transformation of Companies--Post COVID Era', which included three KGP alumni. Lakshman Rao ('99) of IIT SoCal hosted the event and introduced Ron Gupta ('70), President IITKGP Foundation US, who then introduced one of the speakers, Vimal Thomas ('82). The event centered on the impact of technology on transforming businesses and whether COVID-19 has accelerated this process. Thomas spoke from his over three decades of experience with Yamaha Corp., starting with a brief stint in the Sales and Marketing area and moving into his current role as VP of Information Technology at Yamaha Corp. With Thomas having transformed Yamaha's technology infrastucture, application architecture and the core business processes, Yamaha has been in a great position to handle and respond to the business disruptions of 2020.

If you missed the discussion, you can watch it in its entirety via this link.