nehru-hall--1-Calling all Nehruites

As many of us have visited IIT for our reunions, this one pilgrimage was sacred: visiting our room and taking a photo in front of it. Whether it was five years ago or fifty, our attachment stays strong. Unfortunately, the place we loved for the five years we were at IIT is now run down. It cries out for a rebirth and a renovation. And there is no dearth of ideas and plans on what we can accomplish. We will need to pull together on this one and as some of us began talking and zooming, it was clear we have to do something and, YES, We Can!
NEXT:  We are looking for champions from each of the batches to coordinate reaching out to EVERYONE in their batch - we need a minimum of two, one in India and one in the US.
Please email Erin L. Moran (emoran@iitkgpfoundation.org) and she will add you to our working website from where we will manage and update you on this wonderful project that YOU will define (and FUND)!
*our IIT Director and his staff are 100% behind this project and will help get it done.
Aside: one question raised by the IIT Administration was what are we going to do when everyone wants to live in Nehru Hall? Well, we Nehruites know the answer: Nothing has changed it has always been that way!