international-women-s-dayFor the Women By the Women-Celebration of International Women's Day at IIT Kharagpur

The KGP Chronicle (March 9, 2021)

International Women’s Day was observed around the globe to celebrate women’s empowerment. At IIT Kharagpur a three-day program was organized to bring to light the achievements and talents of the ladies on campus who have been icons for other women on the campus. Several of them have adopted various self-employment professions or pursued their hobbies to become financially independent, others have been instrumental in offering their services for social upliftment, while there have been another group of ladies who promote healthy living and support the campus community.

To highlight their flair in diverse areas a range of events were organized. The events started on March 6 with a short film on the life journey of women residing on campus. This was followed by a debate in the context of chauvinistic attitude and chivalrous behaviour towards women, titled “Chivalry and Chauvinism are two sides of the same coin” culminating in the unanimous verdict of gender-neutral approaches to life. (Read More)