istock-817348278Are you planning a visit to IIT-KGP?

For many of us, IIT-Kharagpur is a place which we can never forget. Also, it has become world-famous. Many of the IIT alumni want to take their kids or their grandkids to IIT-Kharagpur and show them the campus, where they lived and their department.

If you are planning on doing so, we can plan a VIP visit for you. Send an email to, Erin L. Moran, Executive Director of the IITKGP Foundation US or to the following people in the IIT-KGP Office of Alumni Affairs, Surjya Pal or Anirban Biswas. By sending them an email letting them know when you are going to visit and how long you will be staying, they can arrange your stay at the guest house. They will get you a guide to take you around the campus, take you to your hostel or your department and anyplace you would like to visit. They can also arrange for a meeting with the Director or any other people you wish to meet while at KGP.

We have heard in the past that alumni have gone there without informing KGP and then they get disappointed when there is no one there to take them around. We want to make your visit memorable for you and your family so please send us an email so we can arrange a VIP visit for you.