add-a-subheading--2-IIT-KGP Covid relief was a huge success, covered in major media news--now set to initiate more aid

Information provided by IITKGP Foundation USA and IIT-Kharagpur (April 2021)

The hugely successful "KGP Alumni Fund for COVID-19" relief campaign for temporary workers that are financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic is set to begin another phase of ration distributions in May.

The campaign just finished its first year of providing assistance to those that have/had little or no support during the pandemic.

IIT Kharagpur Foundation USA launched the fundraising campaign from alumni in the USA, India and the rest of the world in April 2020 and the efforts are ongoing. There has been close to 1,500 donations made by alumni and over $500,000 raised.    

IIT-Kharagpur organized the regular relief distributions to temporary workers (including laundry cleaners, domestic helps, temporary hostel workers, rickshaw pullers, etc.) and other economically affected poor people who were/are dependent on IIT-Kharagpur campus for their livelihood.                           


IIT-Kharagpur Director Prof. V K Tewari remarked, “Our self-interests are best served when we serve them in the spirit of pluralism. As we talk of these people being dependent on the campus, the campus also depends on them, they are part of our fraternity. It is vital for us to support every member of our fraternity in whatsoever way we can. It only makes our lives better in the long run. I am thankful to my fellow KGPians whose altruism has made this initiative possible along with the relentless service of every emergency worker at IIT-Kharagpur.”


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To donate to this fund, use the following link: https://donorbox.org/iitkgp-directors-alumni-fund-for-campus-and-vicinity-staff-due-to-covid-19