1622181694588-1400x800IITKGP Foundation USA presents twenty oxygen concentrators to IIT-Kharagpur's B C Roy Hospital

The KGP Chronicle and IITKGP Foundation USA (May 28, 2021)

Note: Ten additional oxygen concentrators are on their way to supplement the initial supply.

Alumni have done a Good Samaritan Act

IIT Kharagpur Foundation, USA has bestowed twenty oxygen concentrators of 5 LPM capacity (by Philips Respironics Company) to IIT Kharagpur.

The oxygen concentrators have been delivered to B C Roy Technology Hospital with the hope of dealing successfully with the immense oxygen crisis for Covid-19 affected patients.

“I will never be able to thank Ron Gupta and all our alumni enough for such a generous venture. Not many people have the privilege to associate with someone as caring and understanding as them. Their sincere effort in resolving the crisis of oxygen is much appreciated. We hope to make the best out of it and also to hear more from them in near future”, mentioned Professor Virendra Kumar Tewari, Director of IIT Kharagpur.

With the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc in India, there is huge demand oxygen concentrator, as they are considered to be life-saving for patients with breathing difficulties. Oxygen concentrators can help Covid-19 patients to get the required oxygen when the oxygen levels drop and cylinders’ supply is scarce.

“Our sincere gratitude to those people who have been Good Samaritan in these tough times. Words cannot describe how truly thankful we are to the IIT Kharagpur Foundation, USA and all our alumni who are associated with this noble initiative for standing with the institute and the community during this unprecedented time. Their help and support in dealing with this pandemic would be and shall be an inspiration for others”, said Prof Jayanta Mukhopadhyay, Dean Outreach of IIT Kharagpur. (View the original article) (Letter of Appreciation from PMO of B C Roy Hospital)