farrohk-mistreetFarrokh Mistree ('67) and Janet Allen present on Design Engineering 4.0

Information provided by Farrokh Mistree ('67)

On June 4, 2021, Farrokh Mistree, Ph.D. and Janet Allen, Ph.D., gave a talk titled, "A Conversation On Design Engineering 4.0 For Realizing Evolving Cyber-Physical Social Systems."


Abstract: In this talk Janet K. Allen and Farrokh Mistree identify the principles that are foundational to Industry 4.0 and the smart manufacturing construct in a digitally transforming world. For smart manufacturing to be viewed as an evolving cyber-physical-social system they advocate adopting the Design Engineering 4.0 construct that necessitates a human-cyber-physical view of the systems realization ecosystem. To seed the discussion they outline opportunities for research collaboration. [janet.allen@ou.edu] and [farrokh.mistree@ou.edu].

We wanted to share the following items related to the talk.

"Journal of Mechanical Design" article--Design Engineering in the Age of Industry 4.0

Slides from the Presentation