add-a-heading--2-INSPIRATION: Puran Dang's (Class of 1959) Reflections on Vision-Aid's Annual Event

Information provided by Puran Dang (Class of 1959 IIT-KGP, RP Hall)

August 1, 2021, Vision-Aid held their annual fundraising event, which featured a Broadway-style dance show brought to life by the 'Seven Selfless Sovereigns,' had over 1,400 viewers tune in, and culminated with a $100,000 matching gift from a philanthropist in Kansas. You can read more about the event in the Indian New England News article. (Read the Indian New England News article) Three KGPians: Prof. Partha Ghosh ('71), Puran Dang ('59), and Vijay Narang ('64) made the Vision-Aid Annual Event a symbol of their service for the Vision Impaired/Vision Gifted Individuals. Puran Dang introduced his dear friend Partha Ghosh who gave a great Keynote. (View the Keynote)


Reflections by Puran Dang (Class of 1959/IIT-Kgp/RP Hall)

These words sprang from my heart
Let us not pity the children and adults who have deficient vision. They are gifted visually through the voice of their souls.
Helen Keller was deaf and blind from birth but so powerful was her inner strength that she became the most famous woman of the world. She was the champion of the causes of the deaf and the blind and inspired them not to pity themselves but influence the world by their superlative voice of their souls.
Helen Keller wrote
“ The only thing worse than being blind is to have sight but no vision "


A poem shared by Puran Dang:

Reflections of a Visually Impaired but Visually Gifted

I am deprived of my worldly vision and yet I do not pity myself
For I see the heavenly beauty of my inner vision so enchanting and so blissful

I do hear the external voices which pity me for my physical deprivation
Not knowing that the beauty that I see is the splendid  and very kind face of God

He beacons me" Pity not yourself, I am with you and will take care of you
My loyal messengers on earth are all around you and will hold your hand with love and kindness "

In my moments of total silence, I see you, my Lord, and thank you for your heavenly grace

How kind of you to grant me an eye of my soul and take my hand in your warm hands
And make my world so wonderful!

I am not visually deprived but visually gifted, always seeing you through the lens of my soul.

Thank you, my Lord,
     I am yours Visually Gifted