mathodas-9621-ridgefieldKGPians Getting Together: 1968 Batch Mates meet for the first time since IIT-Kharagpur

Information and photo shared by Samit Bhattacharyya ('68/ME/PH)

Samit (ME/68, PH) and Maryka Bhattacharyya spent a day with Bobby (ME/68, RP) and Rajie Mathoda at the Mathoda's house in Ridgefield, CT, in early September. Samit and Bobby were meeting after 53 years (first time since leaving Kharagpur). The photograph on the left is of them having dinner at an outdoor table at the Tequila Delight restaurant in Ridgefield. In the photograph are (clockwise from left): Samit, Maryka, Rajie, and Bobby.



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