leapFollowing Up: How LEAP Fulfills Global Education Aspirations Of Indian Students

Entrepreneur (October 4, 2021)

We first ran a story on LEAP from livemint on March 3, 2020. Access the article here.

The startup recently raised a fresh funding round of $55 million in Series C, led by Owl Ventures

For Arnav Kumar ('10) and Vaibhav Singh ('08), co-founders of LEAP, an oversees education startup, a quality education opened up opportunities. They believe that the education they both received at IIT Kharagpur enabled them to get to where they are today. That is why today they are passionate about ensuring that as many students as possible get access to the best possible education and truly realize their full potential.
Both cofounders spent their formative professional years together at Deutsche Bank discussing multiple ideas. During these discussions, they realized that education was something they both were passionate about. They further deep-dived into the subject and found out that there were huge opportunities in the study-abroad segment. Thus, they took the plunge in 2019 to build LEAP together. (Read More)