spring-fest-2022IIT Kharagpur reveals theme for Springfest 2022

Telegraph India (October 31, 2021)

--Springfest will be held from February 19 to February 21, 2022
--Author Ruskin Bond special guest at virtual launch of theme
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur is here with Springfest 2022. The official theme for Springfest 2022 is ‘Folklore Fiesta — Take a leap of Fable'.

The theme was announced today, October 31, Sunday at 7 pm.

Springfest 2022 aims to take all participants to the realm of beasts and fantasy fetes. The event will be held from February 19 to February 21, 2022.

Author Ruskin Bond was the special guest at the launch of the theme on the official YouTube channel of IIT Kharagpur Springfest 2022.

“The spirit of youth is something that’s worth celebrating. IIT Kharagpur has been doing it now for 63 years ever since 1960 when they first inaugurated and celebrated spring with their Springfest. Springfest is an event with a multitude of celebrations and entertainment, both intellectual and fun. It has become well-known right across the country so that other colleges based in different places can participate. I am delighted that IIT Kharagpur thought of me as a participant in a small way. It is an institute famed across the world and respected everywhere,” Bond said.

“I look forward to this because in my writings and work I have always celebrated the aspirations of youth. I was a young man when I wrote my first book and now 70 years later I may be an old man but I still celebrate the aspirations of young people,” the author said.

Students can register for Springfest 2021-2022 on the official website. Click here to watch the theme launch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7gCcetBBLg (View the original article)