cdcIITKGP's Career Development Centre (CDC) has obtained 792 internship offers this year, highest in 5 years

Information provided by IIT Kharagpur Facebook Page (November 10, 2021)

IITKGP takes immense pride to announce that Career Development Centre (CDC) of IITKGP obtained 792 internship offers this year, the highest in the last 5 years. IITKGP received 604 internship offers with 110 companies for 1460 students last year and this year the figures assimilates to 792 internships with 108 companies for 1570 students. Though last two years have been crucial for both academic as well as industry sectors to formalize and induct new recruits, IITKGP has kept a linear graph of growth among other pioneer institutions. The institute is planning to conduct online-campus placement from 1st December 2021 and already conducted online open house on 26th October 2021 for student placements. All the test/PPT activities have started from October last week with one-to-one interaction with major departments on the placement status.
Apart from the basic curriculum the Institute enriched and sharpened professional skills of students by grooming soft skills, professional communication and personality through career counselling by professional agencies and experts. The flexibility and convergence of curriculum gave hands-on genesis of innovation in spheres like Engineering, IT, Finance, Analytics, Consulting et al. Also, the entrepreneurial frame of mind of IITKGP students received several acclaims from recruiters as ‘Greater Minds at Work’. The corporate preparedness, organizing industry oriented workshops, preparing professional resumes, leadership talks, lectures, competitions, Curriculum Oriented Career Prospects (COCP) Workshops include specialized niche areas of progress. We appreciate all the efforts proposed and executed in this regard.