sri-bandyopadhyaySri Bandyopadhyay ('68) ACUN Conferences and his English song=Oh Students

Information provided by Sri Bandyopadhyay ('68)

You can contact Sri at singingprofessor@gmail.com.

The ACUN Composites Conferences have a nice history.  At some composite engineering conferences in the USA, Sri Bandy of UNSW Sydney Australia met several Academics/Researchers from USA, Canada and New Zealand who liked Sri's interdisciplinary composites research presented and they wanted Sri Bandy to organize high grade interdisciplinary composites conference in Australia that would involve academics from USA, Canada and NZ.

That is what induced Sri of UNSW Sydney, Australia to initiate the ACUN (Aus - Canada - USA - NZ) composites Conferences starting at UNSW Sydney.  The ACUN-1, ACUN2, ACUN-3 and ACUN-4 were held at UNSW during 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002.  The Acting Deputy VC of UNSW was so happy with the ACUN Conferences that he provided Sri Bandy & team a written appreciation (View the note).

ACUN-5 was held at UNSW in 2006, and later ACUN-6 was organised at Monash University Melbourne (where Sri had earlier done his Ph.D).

Some of the six ACUN Conferences that Bandy had organized were ranked by delegates as top 5 to 10 International. (View ACUN-1 in Australian National Library)


Bandy also has a song on students 'Oh students you are our sunshine and the light of our eyes' in his CD 'Songs from my Heart'. The song was on MP.3.com.au website between about 2000 to 2012. The student song gave students a friendly feeling in their mind including a visiting student who came from USA to his Dept. at UNSW Sydney - she sent the song on MP3 Aust to her parents in USA who very much liked the song.  This is the email she sent Sri, "…Oh students you are our sunshine and the light of our eyes", it is beautiful. I passed the email onto my parents in Ohio, they really enjoy your music a lot. You are a truly talented musician, your words carry so much meaning and heart.” : Katy Rettig, Purdue University

This email came from India on that student song , “….the composition on students. It is so sweet and at the same time sincere and heart felt. My hearty congratulations. People of 19th century used to have such multi dimensional capabilities. These days it is very rare to come across people of your type…..” : Professor R Subba Rao, AMRITA INSTITUTE [Deemed University] Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

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