sri-bandyopadhyaySri Bandyopadhyay ('68) composes and sings song on Devi Saraswati (Mother Bani)

Information shared by Sri Bandyopadhyay ('68) (February 2022)

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Sri Bandyopadhyay ('68), AKA 'The Singing Professor', has composed, sang, and studio recorded a song about Devi Saraswati (Mother Bani), titled "Sheto Kireethodhari, He Mato Bani: Labono Dholo Ongo, Eso Binapani", which means: You have a white ornamental Head-Cover, Oh Mother Bani, You are full of Glory and Brightness. We welcome you Mother Bina-Pani-holding the music instrument Bina in your hands-Give your blessings to us. This weekend, February 5 and 6, 2022, is the celebration of Mother Saraswati (Learning and Music Goddess). You can listen to the song by clicking here.


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