national-digital-libraryNational Digital Library of India (NDLI), developed at IITKGP, wins at World Summit Award 2021

The KGP Chronicle (February 17, 2022)

The e-library of India developed by IIT Kharagpur wins at World Summit Award 2021

As we know a book is a gift that you can open again and again and this thought has inspired the ingenious innovators of IIT Kharagpur to develop the National Digital Library of India (NDLI). NDLI, developed by Dr. Partha Pratim Das, Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering and his team of researchers from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and sponsored by the Ministry of Education, India- has won the prestigious World Summit Award (WSA) 2021 for Learning and Education.

The National Digital Library of India is a public digital library that offers free and open access to over 55 million educational resources. Since its inception in 2015, the NDLI’s mission has been to create a national knowledge of asset. A single window knowledge repository available in 10 Indian languages that transcends the barriers of geography and language to deliver quality education and create effective learning environment for student across all social economic strata. Till date NDLI has more than 50 million contents delivered through multiple platforms and has more than 5 million viewers across the country. NDLI has digitally united the world’s largest democracy by launching two pioneer new services, the ‘Study at Home’ segment for schools and universities and a ‘National Covid-19 Research Repository’ for students, researchers and entrepreneurs followed by a CBSE Exam Preparatory for schools, colleges and entrance exams. The platform also ran a nationwide resourcing of educational materials along with social media outreach programmes. (Read More)