18th Annual Alumni Meet held at IIT Kharagpur

Information provided by IIT Kharagpur (March 2022)

IIT Kharagpur held their Annual Alumni Meet, March 10-13, 2022. This year's celebration was larger due to the COVID-19 pandemic canceling the past two years of get togethers. The festivities honored the Batches of 1971, 1972, 1981, 1982, 1996, and 1997. In addition to the Alumni Meet, Spring Fest was being held on campus and the new Hospital was inaugurated. Read a LinkedIn article on the honors that were given to students and alumni during the meet, by clicking here.

Also, below you will find a few reflections of the events found on IIT Kharagpur's Branding and Relations Cell Facebook page.


10th March(Thursday): Day 0 of 18th Alumni Meet
Alumni visited the arena on a substantial scale and they were pleased and excited to see the campus. They visited various stalls such as the registration desk, RAT, and Branding stall. Branding and Relations Cell displayed a variety of pictures, videos, and publications, and the alumni were overjoyed to visit every bit of nostalgia about their stay at IIT Kharagpur. The alumni were eager to know about the changes that have taken place in their halls of residence and the campus after their graduation. They interacted with many students present in the arena and they met with their batchmates as well and refreshed their past memories. Most of them were unaware of "ADDA" and "clock tower", but they were very overwhelmed and happy after knowing about the same.
An "RKite", Mr. Parth Mitra went to support his RK football team which was scheduled at 7:45 pm on 10th March 2022 at TSC ground. He was very elated to meet the RK football team, he cheered his team and increased their spirit and confidence. He visits the campus regularly, the last time he visited was in January 2020 before lockdown in the Alumni meet. We hope this rendezvous after lockdown filled him with ecstasy. He shared his memories of his college days, about his hall and department.
A 1980 batch alum, who received the DD award last year felt all home in this visit. He shared his experience of visiting the campus and expressed gratitude to the organizing team for inviting him and other alumni of IIT Kharagpur.

Day 1 of 18th Alumni Meet, IIT Kharagpur
As the Alumni engaged in the campus tour, the first place that they visited was the Nalanda Classroom Complex. Three buses were arranged for the campus tour. After entering the Nalanda Classroom Complex, they visited different classrooms and were discovering new places, chatting, exploring the architecture of Nalanda. The Director of IIT Kharagpur, Professor Virendra Kumar Tewari was invited to inaugurate one newly made classroom, NR123. All Alumni were excited to meet him and they had a photoshoot with the Director.
They were elated sitting in the classroom and experiencing the new classroom. They had a walk in all the floors and visited other classrooms. They were very impressed after the classrooms' visit and shared their experiences with other alumni and the students.
One of the Alumni from the Architecture and Regional planning department shared his experience and thoughts about the Nalanda Classroom Complex. He told that their classes were held in the main building and at his time Nalanda Classroom Complex was not even built. He completed his masters from IIT Kharagpur. He is now a retired colonel and currently is a professor in one of the prominent universities.