pg-keynote-talkKeynote Talk to be held by Dr. Partha Ghosh on "Europe Crisis=Global Crisis: Deficit of Leadership Exposed"

Information provided by Partha Ghosh Academy of Leadership (March 21, 2022)

Greetings from Partha Ghosh Academy of Leadership, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur!

The Academy of Leadership at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur takes this opportunity to invite you to a significant discussion with Dr. Partha S Ghosh who building on his four decades of Global advisory and academic experience across three dozen nations on strategic/policy issues at macro and microeconomic levels will reflect on current Ukraine-Russia and draw on Leadership Lessons for a more harmonious world.

The event flyer is show above for your reference.

Title of his talk:

“Crisis in Europe = Global Crisis”: Deficit of Leadership Exposed?

From “Zero sum” to “Plus sum” logic- towards a more Enlightened State!


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Date: 29th March 2022

Time: 8:30 PM (IST), 11:00 AM (EDT), 11:00 PM (CDT), 3:30 PM (GMT);

12 AM (30th March) JST