untitled-design-5-Vinod Gupta ('67) and Asoke Deysarkar ('71) visit IIT Kharagpur

Information provided by IIT Kharagpur and IITKGP Foundation (April 2022)

A ceremony was held on March 27, 2022, at IIT Kharagpur, to honor alumni and professors. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the awards were unable to be given during the actual award years.

His Excellency Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar felicitated the notable Alumni of IIT Kharagpur Mr. Vinod Gupta ('67) with Honoris Causa (Doctor of Science) 2020, Mr. Asoke Deysarkar ('71) with Life Fellow Award 2021 and Prof Kalyan Chakravarti ('63) with Distinguished Alumnus Award 2020. Mr. Vinod Gupta ('67, AG) and Mr. Asoke Deysarkar ('71, CE) are both Trustees of the IITKGP Foundation USA. Congratulations to all alumni awardees on receiving these prestigious awards!


There were also five Chair Professorships awarded to eminent professors. The award, the recipient, and their respective department are listed below.

Prithviraj & Swati Banerjee Chair Professorship: Prof. Mrityunjoy Chakraborty (E&ECE)

VSNL Chair Professorship(s): Prof. Prabir Kumar Biswas (E&ECE) and Prof. Goutam Saha (E&ECE)

Prof. P K Bhattacharya Chair Professor: Prof. Saibal Gupta (G&G)

Prof. N K Roy Chair Professor: Prof. Amar Nath Samanta (ChE)

Congratulations to all the honorees!