img_0190KGPians Getting Together: Young KGP alumni meet with UCSD Chancellor Dr. Pradeep Khosla ('80)

Information shared by Asish Koruprolu (April 5, 2022)

There has been an influx of KGPians coming to the US to pursue higher studies in the past few years. UC San Diego has been no exception. And when we learnt that the UCSD Chancellor Dr Pradeep Khosla was a KGP alumnus, it was just the right timing for an informal KGP reunion in San Diego. On April 4th, recent KGP alumni met Dr Khosla and other professors at UCSD who were KGP alumni. It was an informal and intimate gathering of 13 people and we had bonded over pizza and drinks in no time. We heard stories ranging from Dr Khosla's time at KGP when the major halls were only PAN, RP, RK and SN to ragging being done under different names called orientation program (OP) and assimilation program (AP) during recent times. Dr Khosla invited us over to his house for the next KGP meetup which would likely be planned in the later half of this year. Above is a photo from the get together.


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