KGPians Getting Together: 48th Anniversary Reunion of the Class of 1969

Information shared by Derek D'Costa (April 18, 2022)

Derek M. D'Costa (1969/ChE/VS) has shared two photo(s) of the 48th Anniversary Reunion of the 1969 Class of IIT Kharagpur that was held September 16, 2017, at the Delta-Marriott Airport Hotel in Toronto, ON, Canada.


The first photo shows the following group of alumni (L to R): Daljeet Singh (ECE/VS), Amarendra Mishra (MetE/RP), Arun K. Misra (ME/RP),

Udayabhanu Das (EE/RP), Arun Kochhar (MetE/VS), Derek M. D'Costa (ChE/VS), Satiprasad Bandyopadhyay (ME/NH), Naren Doshi (EE/RK),

Arvind Jain(ME/AH), Pradip Ghosh (MetE/RK), Ranjit K. Nandi (AE/NH), Sauren M. Basu (ECE/RP), Prabjit Singh (MetE/VS), Purna Patnaik (AE/NH)


The second photo is of Derek, preparing to welcome his classmates to the event, where he also served as the MC.