civil-engineerin-departmentIIT Kharagpur study to make school pool cars safer in Bengal

My Kolkata (May 8, 2022)

Advice for parents: Avoid delay, keep records of drivers & vehicles

A study by IIT Kharagpur’s civil engineering department has come up with suggestions to make pool cars used by school children safer.

Some of the recommendations are: parents should avoid unnecessary delay in handing over their children to pool car operators so the driver does not have to make up for lost time later, and running checks on fitness certificates of the vehicles.

The study draft also asks police to keep a record of the background of the operators and drivers.

The objective is to create a standard operating procedure (SOP) for pool car users and operators. The team from IIT Kharagpur is in the final stages of drafting the SOP for Kolkata police.

“We are working on guidelines for pool car operators, keeping in mind the concerns of parents,” Bhargab Maitra of the IIT’s civil engineering department said on Saturday. “If parents are convinced about pool cars, the congestion around schools will come down and so will emission from vehicles.”

Maitra was speaking at an interactive session on “Identifying city road users’ problems and precautionary measures to resolve them”, organised by the Consulting Engineers Association of India. In presence were senior officers of Kolkata police, transportation experts and urban road planners. (Read More)