h3guxon3nxfvrvacSad demise of Nibir Datta ('70)

Information provided by Ron Gupta ('70)

We lose another one from the mighty 1970 batch of IITKGP.

Below is what was received from Neil Sheth, Nibir's son-in-law, who said that we can share this sad news.
' We are not totally sure what happened on early Sunday 5/15. Their grand daughter were getting ready to celebrate her birthday and were waiting for Nibir to join them on a On-line celebrations with all family members. When they did not hear from Nibir, who lives alone, his elder daughter drove over and found him unconscious in the master bedroom.

 No one yet knows the cause of his death. He did not have any ailments or chronic conditions and did not take any prescription medications.
 His only issue was a bad knee. Possibly it was a heart attack or something. That is only a guess.

 They are planning a cremation and other arrangements.

Sad news indeed.

The above photo is from the Reunion Coffee Table book. May help others connect the name and face. If I remember correctly, he was in one of the monthly Zoom meeting of 1970 batchmates I attended just a few months ago.