utpal-basumallickUtpal Basumallick ('70/EE/RK) has passed way

Information provided by Amitava Sengupta ('70/ME/RK)

"Utpal Basumallick was my first year room-mate at IIT. We started life in IIT as two 16-year olds fresh from school and closely shared the excitements and tensions of life at IIT for all the five years – the raggings, the sessionals, the cycle trips to Midnapore town, the NCC, the exam blues, weekend trips home, and the wing addas. These are all firmly ingrained in permanent memory.

Utpal came from a Ramkrishna Mission background with a spiritual anchoring stronger than most of his classfellows. We would occasionally pull his legs on the famous ‘maharaj’s of RK mission mutts. He was passionate with Ham radio. which he picked early at IIT and never left it.

We met a few times during our working lives. But his presence in social media made it easy to keep in touch. It feels sad to think he is no more. My heartfelt condolences to his daughter and his loved ones.

While thinking of Utpal I can’t but think of the six of us who shared the two adjacent double rooms in RK Hall in the first year. It feels extremely sad that out of these six, now four have left us for good.

I’m quite sure these four have become room-mates in the better world they have moved to.

May all their souls rest in eternal peace."

- Amitava Sengupta. Bangalore (ME 1970)