September 29, 2022


IITKGP Foundation (USA) Supported Internship Awardee Apoorva Vashisht


IITKGP Foundation


According to Apoorva, “thanks to the internship grant by the IITKGP Foundation (USA)” she went for an internship at the National University of Singapore and has a research paper accepted in the coveted Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL- 2022, https://corl2022.org/). She will be going to Auckland (NZ) to present her work in the winter. She believes that the internship award “has boosted my CV a lot which will eventually make my Ph.D. applications to US universities highly likely for success.” 


Apoorva’s research was focused on increasing the efficiency and performance of “informative path planning over currently existing state-of-the-art algorithms as well as implementing them on robots to demonstrate their applicability in the real world.” She worked for 3 months on-site in Singapore experiencing the Singaporean way of living, which Apoorva characterizes as smart, well-planned, and efficient. In her research, she conducted experiments on real robots and outdoors in a carefully controlled environment.  

Apoorva in Singapore