October 14, 2022


Do You Have a Painting or Sketch of IIT KGP?


IITKGP Foundation


Prof. P P Chakrabarti, Kgpian, Professor, and Former Director, IIT Kharagpur is creating a collection of hand-made paintings, sketches/drawings, and models (not photos), of IIT Kharagpur buildings and campus. PPC is requesting the artwork to be submitted here along with available details of location, who has drawn it, when, etc. Please do not share photographs. 


PPC is collecting and archiving these artworks. He writes, “We have many wonderful artists in our Alumni, Campus people and even beyond, who have sketched the campus and its buildings like Samir Sharma, Prabal Mallick, and many many others. Some of the buildings in the old paintings/sketches may not even exist today. Please share and ask those who are artists to contribute or collect it from them and share.”

Caption: Painting by Chandrakant Ekkirala