November 11, 2022

Kgpian Gautam Naik on Time Pass

IITKGP Foundation 

We all know about the passage of time, some know a little and some like Dr. Einstein figured out a lot about it. Our fellow Kgpian and entrepreneur Gautam Naik takes a dip into the conceptualization of the passage of time, and our relative experience of it. 


“Why as an individual do we feel that time passes more quickly every passing year?” asks Naik. 


The author explores mind time and clock time, individual perception of time, neurology, fatigue, and age, taking you through scientific explanations to personal realizations. “We experience how “mind time” changes over the much longer span of our whole life.”


Naik dives deeper into the subtleties of life that could offer to be our friend in this relative passage of time, especially if you are progressing through your senior years.


As the Thanksgiving holidays are approaching, Naik’s narrative could give us an interesting thought to ponder on what we can do to have better control of our time and its passage.


Read the authored article in the Times of India


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