November 22, 2022

Father First - Who Is Ankit Joshi? The Man Who Quit His Job for His Newborn

IITKGP Foundation 

The news that made headlines this week is about Kgpian Ankit Joshi, the corporate leader who quit his job to care for his newborn (Read More). 


A little prehistory before that — Joshi joined IIT Kharagpur in 2007 for pursuing a five-year integrated MSc. in Exploration Geophysics. But he left his mark in sports and games at the Patel Hall, Gymkhana, and Inter-IIT. He also founded the Technology Adventure Society and pursued his passion with his travel startup, Travelosophic. Joshi graduated in 2012. Since then he worked in various companies in the USA, Australia, and later India.


Recently Joshi joined a housing company in India as the Executive Vice President while welcoming the birth of his first child Spiti. These dual developments put him at the edge of the challenge that many new parents face — paternity leave or the lack of it. 


India's federal and most state governments allow married male employees to take a fortnight's leave at the time of, or within six months after, the birth of a child. For those in the corporate sector, it could be as low as a week. Joshi desired more to care for Spiti, his daughter. He chose fatherhood and resigned from his job.


 “. . . what disheartens me is to see how most companies give a significant, next-to-nothing paternity leave. It isn’t just about how less the father connects with the child but more about reducing the responsibility of a father in the role of upbringing."


Joshi has been vocal about the impact of short paternity leaves putting more responsibility on new mothers for parental care. He is cheering for his wife Akansha for seeking the right balance of motherhood and career with her recent promotion to the position of manager.


So what is Joshi up to now? Swinging Spiti in his arms till she sleeps to waking up in the night to sing her lullaby. "Life has been all about her since then.” He calls it a promotion to fatherhood. #Fatherhood, #FamilyTime he tagged on his social media post celebrating his new life. 


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