January 12, 2023

IITKGP Alum PK (Pabitra) Chakrabarti Admitted to Practice in SCOTUS

IITKGP Foundation 

Dr. Pabitra Chakrabarti, a patent attorney in Washington DC, has recently admitted to practicing in the Supreme Court of the United States. Chakrabarti graduated with B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering in 1989 from IIT KGP and completed Ph.D. from IISC. He later pursued Juris Doctor (JD) Cum Laude from Albany Law School. 


During his decade-long association with GE in India and the US, PK specialized in Intellectual Property Rights and worked as a Patent Attorney.


“If there has been one superordinate passion in life, that is - working for, no, living the 'NEW'. Inventions, innovations, and the science of their intriguing distinctions! It is immensely gratifying to experience that this (less traveled!) path has brought us to this temple of democracy. The Supreme Court of the United States.” he wrote celebrating this development.


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