February 10, 2023

IITKGP Foundation (USA) President Asoke Deysarkar Visits IITKGP

IITKGP Foundation 

IITKGP Foundation (USA) President Asoke Deysarkar had engaging and productive conversations about a variety of topics with Director Tewari, administrators, faculty, staff, and students during the visit to IIT Kharagpur. As always, the hospitality extended was wonderful and the visit to campus brought back fond memories of the past and ignited ideas for new opportunities for investment in IIT Kharagpur. Asoke’s spouse Ruma Acharya-Deysarkar is also a IITKGP Alum and is a lifetime trustee of the IITKGP Foundation. 

  • Hall Renovations: Discussion focused on VS and SN hall updates to be supported by funds raised by the IITKGP Foundation in coordination with IIT Kharagpur. A committee has been put together with representation from the IITKGP Foundation (USA) and IIT Kharagpur. The initial areas of focus for renovation are going to be the kitchen, dining hall, common rooms, and toilets.
  • Centers for Excellence: Ten centers of excellence are supported by funds donated by IITKGP alumni. IITKPG Foundation (USA) and IIT Kharagpur representatives will continue to develop clear criteria for opening new centers and obtaining support from donors.
  • The Petroleum Engineering Center faculty and students met President Deysarkar. The center is supported by donations from the IITKGP Foundation (USA) led by Asoke and Ruma Deysarkar. The center is running well with research funding from ONGC, Oil India, Total of France, Norwegian Oil company, Halliburton and SLB. There was discussion to change the name of the center to Petroleum and Geo Energy center.